Exeze Rider Waterproof MP3 Player

exezewmr-black-1-153x153Small and stylish Waterproof MP3 Player with excellent sound both above water and submerged in water which makes it suitable for swimming, diving, surfing, exercising, normal use, etc.


WMR Waterproof MP3 Player

exezewmr-black-1-153x153Exeze WMR Waterproof MP3 Players are small and stylish and produce impeccable sound while submerged in water which makes it suitable for swimming, diving, surfing, etc.

The MP3 players are completely waterproof and have been certified to fulfill the very high requirements of level IPX8 in the IEC defined waterproofing standard. The sound quality is just as fantastic when used above water which also makes it suitable for use while running, walking, travelling, and more.

The Exeze WMR Waterproof MP3 player comes with several accessories to make it customisable for different ear canal sizes and activities.


Exeze Pico Talk Chrome - Universal Car Handsfree and FM Transmitter

hf1-ce-1The Exeze Pico Talk wirelessly connects your music phone / music player to your car stereo over FM radio so that you can listen to your own music on your car stereo and use your car stereo as a handsfree while on the phone!


Pico 5 FM Transmitter

pico5fmtransmitter-black-153x153This stylish, ultra small and lightweight FM transmitter easily snaps on to your iPhone or iPod and wirelessly transmits your music to your FM radio set in HIFI Stereo in your car, in your home, or anywhere.


Pico Microphone for iPod / iPad / iPhone

mm1-black-open1-153x122Whether conducting an interview, taking lecture notes, or capturing the sounds of life happening around you, simply attach the Exeze Pico Microphone to your iPod, iPhone or iPad for immediate voice recording capabilities.


Pico Chrome USB Drive

exeze-uwpc-1-153x88The Exeze Pico Chrome Series USB drives are completely waterproof and are designed to regularly be exposed to the elements - submerged in water, buried in dust, crushed and dropped from heights - and still keep your data completely safe.

The waterproofness, the rugged casing and the durable solid state storage with life time warranty makes the Pico Chrome drives ideal for transporting your most precious data, digital images and presentations.