Exeze WMR Waterproof MP3 Player (2nd Generation)

What does it do?Which computers / operating systems is it compatible with?How do I use it?Where can I buy it?Is it really waterproof?Why is the MP3 player not playing my audio files?My audio files are not in MP3 or WMA format - how do I convert them to MP3 format?How can I create playlists?Why did my computer tell me that I removed the MP3 player in an unsafe way?My computer says my MP3 player is corrupt!The MP3 player is not detected by my computerThe MP3 player is not responding - can I reset it?I have lost my USB cable / earphones / extension cable / armband / swimming goggles - is there any way I can purchase a new one?How do you recommend securing the MP3 player during swimming?Are the Exeze WMR 1st and 2nd Generations compatible?What if I have a problem or question not listed here?