Exeze Pico Chrome USB Drive

Exeze Pico Chrome USB DriveExeze Pico Chrome USB DriveExeze Pico Chrome USB Drive

The Exeze Pico Chrome Series USB drives are completely waterproof and· are designed to regularly be exposed to the elements - submerged in· water, buried in dust, crushed and dropped from heights - and still keep· your data completely safe. The waterproofness, the rugged casing and· the durable solid state storage with life time warranty makes the Pico· Chrome drives ideal for transporting your most precious data, digital· images and presentations.

As if the safety aspects were not enough the Pico Chrome drives comes with a massive 16 or 32 GB storage capacity packed into a tiny and beautifully chromed casing measuring merely 31x3x12 mm which is less than a quarter of the volume of a typical USB drive. This tiny and stylish design makes them a real attention grabber so they are the perfect accessory to adorn keychains, mobile phones or even wearing as a necklace.